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We are an advocacy group for public education in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Now is the time to vote for a change

In the upcoming election on Nov. 7, our city will vote to fill five of the seven seats on the USD 497 school board. This election will have an impact on our district for the next four years and beyond.

We believe that these candidates not only support community schools but also support the betterment of the culture and relations between the district, community, staff, and board members. In creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, of listening and engagement, of removing barriers, and of lifting up the voices of the staff and community they can create a positive change for all decisions and actions taken by the board and district.

Kansans United for Public Education

Kansans United for Public Education is a local platform that has three candidates running for election. We are endorsing Kansans United for Public Education and their candidates.

Yolanda Franklin

Learn more about Yolanda

Carole Cadue-Blackwood

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Anne Costello

In addition to the candidates running under Kansans United for Public Education, we are endorsing Anne Costello.

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